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Founded in Paris in 1997, Leyton is an international consulting firm dedicated to the economic, ecological and social development of all types of organizations. Our consultants are technical experts who provide concrete solutions that contribute to our clients’ growth and development. Our 2200 employees, who are passionate about their jobs, are located in 33 offices across 13 countries, and share values such as team spirit, innovation and sustainable development.
Leyton Morocco provides high added value support to the group in business and engineering services. Our talented resources and multilingual skills allow us to meet the needs of a wider customer base around the world and handle complex processes.
Implantations (13 countries) : France, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden.

Adresse : Park Shore 14,RDC, Parc Casanearshore Sidi Maârouf، Casablanca 20800.

E-mail : [email protected]

E-mail : [email protected]
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